Beyond Story​ Time 

                                                 Dive into the into the limitless world of literature and BEYOND!

Meet the Team

At the center of BST is community. We have carefully curated a roster of teaching artists who are not only experts in their respective fields, but committed to inclusivity, diversity and creative empowerment! Our teammates hail from all over the globe and are so excited to bring your young ones some super high energy, educational fun! 

Mariah Sade Ralph

Founder/Teaching Artist 

Mariah is a performer, producer, arts activist, and founder of Beyond Story Time! After 9 years of work as a traveling performing artist (with Off Broadway, Regional and international credits) and 7 years of hands on experience in the early childhood education industry, she conceptualized Beyond Story Time with the hopes of making quality early childhood programming more inclusive and accessible  to all families! She hopes that by cultivating an environment that is nurturing, safe and authentically diverse, BST can impact young minds even beyond the skills and lessons we aim to teach. She teaches from a place of love, empathy, and global community and empowers her students to create through project based learning.

Mariah is a renown  teaching artist who has created original curriculum for esteemed organizations including Harlem School of the Arts, Timberlake Playhouse, The Underground Railroad Education Center, Jamaica Center of Arts and Learning, and more!  She has a passion for global community and has taught ESL classes in the Amalfi Coast in Italy with London Plus Language School, incorporating music, cultural exchange and dramatic play into her daily lessons.

‘“It is my dream to merge my love of the arts, early childhood education, and global community to create a movement of families all over the world who are committed to changing the world through play! “

Elvira Capriglione 

Italian Cultural Exchange Ambassador

Elvira Capriglione is currently teaching Japanese, English, Italian, French at London plus Languages in Scafati in Southern Italy. The LPL school was founded by her along with her sister Caterina Capriglione over 12 years ago. It is the realization of a dream which came out of the love of languages. Elvira believes that learning new languages can allow children to open their minds to cultures, to become citizens of the world, and to make friends. Elvira is excited to participate in the BST program, knowing the professionalism of its director Miss Mariah Sade.

Mimis Monsaivais

Teaching Artist (Yoga in English and Spanish) 

Mimis Monsivais.

She began her artistic studies with contemporary dance, exploring different techniques of dancing-and movement-styles.

She then developed her aerial-skills as a circus acrobat, dancing with aerial silks, aerial hoop and trapeze. She has performed internationally in Europe, Asia and throughout North America and the Caribbean.

She began her teaching artist career 10 years ago, teaching ballet and modern dance classes in Mexico City.  7 years ago, she added circus classes to the mix, teaching children playful movement and body awareness,

in Waldorf schools. She has participated in outreach projects with local communities in the Mexican Caribbean.

During Mimis’s Class, children will learn how to move their bodies in a fun and expressive way and develop spacial awareness and greater coordination, dexterity, security, balance, flexibility and development of the senses.

“We will make our movements a fun game”. 🤸‍♀️

Made Hladky

Teaching Artist (Visual Arts in English/French) 

Made is a multidisciplinary artist and maker  from Paris, France. She does different activities, such as mural painting, sets making, or even rope climbing to work in high places !

After graduating from Ensaama School of Art and Design, she started out to travel the world. She traveled across the continents, painting murals and building sets for theatre. 

She graduated with “fresco and mosaic” an arts and craft diploma, in Paris. She’s excited to teach and share techniques she’s picked up on her world travels. See you soon on Beyond Story Time, we’ll bring a bright and colorful world to you all!

Justin Green

Teaching Artist (Animation)

Justin began his journey as a teaching artist  in 2014, providing painting lessons to foster youth. As of 2021, Justin has taught over 150 classes, illustrated a total of 6 published children's books, created, and produced a YouTube Art series called, "The Painted Fool's Painthouse." He specializes in Early Childhood Education teaching colorful painting lessons in a colorful digital world, with Animation being the current focus.

Abi Tamaken 

Teaching Artist (Culinary Arts)

Abi is originally from the Philippines and raised in the UK. An avid traveler, she has cooked across the globe—sailing across the oceans and on land in places like England, Spain, the Caribbean and Mexico. She will be joining us weekly from Paris! 

“I became a chef because I love to cook for a table full of good friends and after my first time in a professional kitchen I realized this was the career for me! I am going to be taking you on a journey through the world of food and showing you how to cook some new and tasty dishes from places all over the world. I. I can't wait to share with you my love of food from across the globe. See you in the kitchen!”

Cassie Nadeau

Teaching Artist (Voice Over)

Cassie Nadeau is an established Actress, Singer, and Voiceover Artist  and founder of Full Bodies Sounds, a Theater and Educational Company in NYC. With decades of experience on both stage and screen, she has acted and sung alongside the greatest masters in the industry. A creator and innovator, Cassie has starred in shows all over the world featuring her original works. After opening multiple academies and schools across both Canada and the USA she founded Full Bodied Sound: an umbrella company for original shows, new creators, and arts & business coaching and education. Cassie's specialized training methods have helped thousands of students pursue their passion and develop the foundations needed for success.

An acclaimed Voiceover Artist and coach, Cassie's voice has been featured in commercials, cartoons, and media ads around the world. Her knowledge of marketing, acting foundations, and voice and speech make her a master of the industry.